Cincinnati Feis


Information will continue to be updated as we finalize details with the NKYCC. We have been working closely with the NKYCC and our event will follow all state and county orders. Information is always subject to change based on new developments, government guidelines, etc. We appreciate the cooperation of all in attendance and look forward to hosting a SAFE Feis for all! 


  • Face masks in public areas are mandated in Kentucky. While inside the NKYCC all attendees are required to wear a face mask that covers both their mouth and nose at all times unless competing. 
  • Dancers are not required to wear a face mask while competing but can wear one without penalty if they choose. 
  • Dancers will need to bring a small gift bag that will store their face mask while dancing. Dancers will bring this bag with them on stage and remove their face mask and place in the bag before dancing. When finished dancers will retrieve their mask and put it on before exiting the stage. 
  • Dancers will be required to wear their face mask while warming up, practicing, stretching, getting dressed, etc. Dancers will also be required to wear their face mask for all awards ceremonies and awards pick-up. 
  • If someone has a medical condition that prevents them from wearing a face mask we ask that you do not attend the Cincinnati Feis this year. There will be zero exceptions/exemptions. 


  • Each dancer is allowed only ONE spectator with them. The NKYCC has restrictions on the number of people allowed in the building and we thank you in advance for adhering to this policy. Failure to adhere will result in jeopardizing the safety of our event and admission will be closely monitored and controlled. 
  • For families with more than two dancers there is a max of TWO spectators per family. When possible please try to limit to one spectator per family.  
  • Admission times into the NKYCC will be based on competition start times. 


  • There will be NO camping or congregating. Chairs will be set up in groups of 2 with 6+ feet between each set. Chairs cannot be moved. Dancers are welcome to use the space around their chairs to warm-up, practice & stretch (in a face mask). Please be mindful of those around you at all times. 
  • As details are finalized surrounding number pick-up and awards more information will be shared in response to social and physical distancing. 
  • Dancers will compete 1 at a time. Most stages will be split in half with 1 dancer dancing on each side.